Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen Twins. They’re the unstoppable sisters with success, fame, fashion sense and talent. I have been a fan of the Olsen twins since their “Full House” days and it’s amazing to see how they have transcended into fabulous entrepreneurs. Whenever I think of the Olsen sisters, I think of how they mix and match things that wouldn’t seem like they would go together, but somehow, it works for them! So, here is my best attempt at creating a look inspired by the Olsens.  A vintage-inspired dress with a zippered asymmetrical jacket adds edge. A brown motorcycle boot also gives a more rugged and boho look; and that’s what the Olsens are known for.  And of course, adding a bit of opulence to the outfit is never harmful. These emerald earrings will make your eyes pop and play up the neutral tones in the dress, and a big bulky bangle is the perfect arm accessory for a finished look.

Xox, Donna


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