Celeb Style: LeAnn Rimes

If you aren’t into country music, no worries, it’s not hard to be into LeAnn Rimes. She’s one of the few country singers out there that possesses charisma, beauty, talent and a star quality that translates across all genres. What’s more, LeAnn Rimes has amazing style. Throughout these years, she’s proven that she can look just as glamorous as any A-list Hollywood celebrity but is still perfectly capable of returning to her carefree country roots. We’re showcasing her “kick-back” look in this week’s Celeb Style. Hope you like it! Oh, and before we forget, check out her greatest hits album – perfect to listen to during these warm spring days.

Shown above: Route 66 Sandals, Route 66 Ruffle Floral Dress, Joe Boxer Fringe Bag, Route 66 Denim Vest, Sofia Vergara Earrings, Bongo Aviators


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