How to Dress Like Kelly Rowland

I’ve been a fan of Kelly Rowland since the Destiny’s Child days and it’s so wonderful to see how she has evolved into an artist and fashion icon.  I love her tomboy mixed with femininity look and I created an outfit that I think would look fabulous on her. The boyfriend vest adds structure but a teeny bit of toughness to the outfit, which is why the crisp white shirt underneath would be fabulous. Add a messenger boy cap and a zebra tote to make the outfit stand out. Remember my rule of thumb: always tuck in the shirt when you’re wearing micro-mini shorts. Since Kelly has supermodel legs for days, I think these lacey booties will show them off nicely!  What do you think of my look for Kelly?

Xox, Donna


2 comments on “How to Dress Like Kelly Rowland

  1. Love this look! The shorts are my favorite part of the look and I of course love the booties! *snaps* to the perfect mix of tomboy + femininity 🙂

    1. Hi Aramide,

      Love the way you think! Tomboy + femininity is such a great combo.


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