#StopDropYoga: Getting Zen in Style

All together now, “Ohmmmmmm!” Thanks to the cultural #StopDropYoga phenomenon – a viral fitness trend where you tag a friend and challenge them to do yoga – getting a moment of peace and serenity is a bit easier. Whether you’re at the office, on-the-go or at hanging at home, it’s all about taking time out your hectic schedule and investing in yourself.

Practicing yoga comes with plenty of health perks. Opt for fabric that moves and breathes like the Power Skinny Fit Athletic Pants. While you increase your flexibility and strength, the stretch-knit fabric will allow for optimal mobility.

And let’s not forget the benefits of good posture and a stronger core. As you move into positions like downward dog and plank, you’ll want to ensure that you look like a true Yogi and perform the part. Keep calm and carry-on in this comfortable Low-Impact Sports Bra underneath and post-workout, slip into a cute athletic hoodie like this Jillian Michaels option. The space-dyed fabric of this pullover is on-trend and can easily be paired with jeans and motorcycle jacket, you know, just in case you get challenged to a #StopDropYoga duel in the middle of your busy day.

All that’s left? An eco-friendly water bottle – staying hydrated is essential! – and a fashionable mat to meditate and sweat it out in style.

So, do you dare to take the #StopDropYoga challenge? Take five today and try getting zen then pass on the challenge by tagging a friend. Namaste!

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Impact by Jillian Michaels Fitted Hoodie
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Impact by Jillian Michaels Eco-Friendly Bottle
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