Blogger Profile: Pamela Pekerman

Name: Pamela Pekerman
What do you do? I am a host, style expert (and mom-to-be in heels). I’ve been featured on VH1, HSN, QVC and major morning show across the country.
Describe your style in three words. Glamorous, classic, figure-hugging.
Name some trends/items you’re eyeing this season. Fur vests, metallic pantyhose, lace tops in bold jewel tones, bunches of broaches.

Any fashion advice for our readers?

  1. Always be your best you and dress up, even if you have to go to the grocery store. It will instantly, elevate your mood.
  2. Invest in BBC – bags, baubles and a great coat. These items make an outfit and can help you carve out a signature look. Spend wisely.
  3. Dress for the body you have, not the body you want. We all have flaws; style around them as you work on fixing them via healthy lifestyle choices. I’m working on crafting the perfect upper arms, so I try not to avoid dresses that cut me off at the armpit.
  4. Sexy can be tasteful with balance. For example, Pair a mini skirt with a chest covering top and a smaller heel height.
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