Style Recap Tips with Claudia

If you haven’t already seen the webisodes from the ‘What’s Hot Makeover’ series, please subscribe to us and share, “like” and comment away! I had fun with all of the candidates, but just in case you missed some of my key style tips from the videos, I’d like to reiterate.

With Claudia, the key to glamming her up was to instill inner confidence and to camouflage any of her problem areas. We all have parts of our body that we may dislike or wish could be more toned, smaller, bigger, whatever! At the end of the day, we have to embrace what we have and remind ourselves that what makes us different makes us beautiful.  The wonderful thing about the SlimFabulous line is that it has hidden technology underneath the garments that really help shape problem areas with ease.

When it came time for beauty tips, Claudia preferred to only wear her hair down because she’s a student and a girl-on-the go.  Sounds like someone I know… me! We (multi-tasking girls) can’t forget about the importance of taking care of and reminding ourselves that we DESERVE the right to look and feel fabulous.  Take a few extra minutes out of the day to test out the newest eye shadow or to curl or straighten your hair if it makes you feel good.  With Claudia, I helped her create looks with her short and fashionable haircut in many ways using a curling iron and also applying makeup effortlessly with crème based eye shadow and lengthening mascara.

I hope that you guys enjoy the series and that you look forward for more!

Xoxo, Donna


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