Summer Essentials by Penny Chic

Is it just me or is summer approaching faster than ever this year? I have a trip to Puerto Rico coming up and I just realized I have to get a move on my shopping!

Here are some of the things I’m planning to pack with me. All nine items are useful, affordable and on trend. Regardless of whether you’re traveling this summer or staying put, the only prerequisite to wearing these items is warm weather.

1. Jaclyn Smith Sun Hat $9.99
I’m all about protecting my skin from the sun, so if you see me this Summer, be prepared to see a hat glued to my head. As we saw from Coachella, straw hats are uber trendy right now!

2. Dream Out Loud Flower Pin Hair Clip $4.49
It’s always good to have small versatile accessories that can add some spice and color to your outfit. This flower pin for less than $5 can be used as an embellishment on both the hat and the canvas tote to bring more vibrancy to the items. If you find yourself somewhere tropical, clip the flower in your hair to match the scenery and add a pop of color

3. Toppers Sun Seeker Canvas Tote $11.99
Nothing is more essential than having a classic canvas tote in the summer. You always need that balance between trendy and more simple add-ons, like this bag for $11.99. Whether you’re trotting around this summer on a vacay, the farmer’s market or even a picnic in the park, this tote is a great solid piece to have that will last forever!

4. Route 66 Crochet Tank Top $14.99
All of the trendy off the shoulder shirts and crop tops are great, but at the end of the day, everyone needs a cute and useful tank that breathes well and keeps you cool. This crochet tank is extremely useful, but also has trendy elements in the back with the crochet detailing.

5. Sofia by Sofia Vergara Aviator Sunglasses $13.99
You can’t get by during the summer without shades giving you that “cool” factor and protecting your eyes from the sun. Aviators have that edge to them and match the look of just about any outfit. Nobody knows that combo better than Sofia Vergara!

6 &7. Bongo Juniors Striped Bandeau Bikini Top $14.99 and Bikini Bottom $24.99
The great thing about bikinis is that you can mix and match the tops and bottoms. By packing 2 bikinis, you have the equivalent of 4 different bikinis, depending on how you mix them. I happen to love bandeau bikini tops because you can tie them different ways or leave them strapless to get an even tan. This striped print is fun and will never go out of style!

8. Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez Lace Shorts $14
These shorts are one of my favorite must-haves for the summer. What’s not to love? Instead of wearing the same old typical cover-up, these shorts are great to just slip on and slip off by the pool or beach. If you’re heading out to dinner after the beach, pair them with some heels and you’re good to go for the evening!

9. Bongo Espadrille Sandal $34.99
I currently own these platform sandals and wear them constantly with both maxi and short summery dresses. Floral prints are everywhere these days and these sandals are no exception to the trend. Platforms are great for comfort and flatter your body because of the extra height!


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