Nikki’s Wish List

This is the time of year for holiday wish lists and even if there isn’t enough money or time to make all your holiday wishes a reality, it’s still fun to imagine. I want to share with you a few items topping my personal wish list this season.

1. This sexy black leather Sofia Vergara bag is definitely a must-have for me. It’s a timeless style, big enough to carry all of my stuff with gorgeous tassels and side details.
2. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, then you already know that military chic is in. I adore this onyx military-style cape from Attention. It’s a cool take on a traditional winter jacket. Flattering, modest and perfect for chilly winter nights.
3. Because I absolutely love heels and feel super sexy when I wear them, these 3-inch buckle lace-up booties made my list. Not only do I love the buckles and hardware on these boots, but they also match everything. The rubber sole also makes them comfortable to wear.
4. A flattering hinged cuff and dangly chandelier earrings matches my style perfectly. I love bold statement jewelry and wear it as much as I can to upgrade my outfits. The contrasting tones of the cuff and intricate texture of the earrings have an overall elegant look.

Those are my picks for my 2011 wish list. I hope all of your holiday wishes come true this year too!

Peace, Love & Style, Nikki


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