DIY: Brooch It On!

My biggest fashion angst lately has been the amount of broken pieces of jewelry I have found in my jewelry box. I am sentimental and refuse to throw out various jewelry favorites that I own. I have figured out a way to preserve my broken and missing jewelry pieces by making a brooch. You can add that needed touch of glam to a little black dress or a basic tank top by simply adding a unique brooch.

Time: Less than five minutes

Effort: Easy

What You Will Need: Scissors, your jewelry casualty of choice, safety pin, hot glue gun (optional) and your favorite fabric

I used a heart shaped charm that was once part of a cocktail ring. I found the vintage scarf at an estate sale and the rope is from what used to be a headband. I started out by simply safety pinning the scarf to the tank top. You can bunch the scarf into a cluster or make it any shape you desire, but I personally like the scarf to be elongated and wrinkled. Then, hot glue your jewelry piece to the center of the scarf that you want to show the detail. I don’t like the permanence of hot glue, so I safety pinned the heart onto the scarf since the heart had hooks on the back that allowed for a safety pin. Voila! You have now saved a piece of your jewelry from the confines of jewelry box purgatory.

ciao — gabby

Shown in feature (first) image: Kmart Crystal Heart Brooch, Attention Ruffle Dress, Joe Boxer Scarf


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