Bathroom Beauty Tips

Stylish clothing will make you look great, but good skin will make a lasting impression. Ask any celebrity how important it is to have a good beauty regimen, and sure enough, they’ll all answer “very!” But for most of us, it’s probably not realistic to get weekly facials and spa treatments. That’s why it’s so important that you have all your bathroom beauty basics covered! Here are a few tips to turn your boring bathroom routine into a four-star spa experience:

1. A bath rug is one of the first things you see when you enter your bathroom and sets the overall mood of your space. Cheer up with some color or graphic prints. We love this bright orange coral juniper rug.

2. You’ll definitely feel like you’re at a spa with a cotton waffle robe. They’re great because they’re light, absorbent and comfortable.

3. These leaf canisters are not only chic, but also the green colors will create a Zen-like atmosphere. Plus, they’ll keep all your bath salts, cotton swabs and Q-tips organized!

4. We love this candle vase, not just because of its Moroccan flair, but also because it has a self-timer. So relax and enjoy your moment.

5. One of the things we love to splurge on is soap. For a few extra dollars more, you can feel like a queen with this luxurious one from Cote Jardin.

6. It’s hard to get costly facials all the time. So make sure you spend a little extra for a great skincare set like this one from Adrien Arpel to keep your skin fresh and beautiful.


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