Fashion Wrap Up: Accessorizing with Scarves

This is the season for scarves and there are so many reasons to love them! They’re versatile, functional and fashionable all at the same time! Appropriate for every occasion, it’s easy to use a scarf to finish an existing look or create something new all your own. Scarves can add a degree of style to any outfit and are easily the choice accessory for a simple fashion upgrade. Having a scarf with color is important because most of the time they can be used to brighten up a monochromatic ensemble. Mixing scarves in different patterns, colors and textures will also give you endless options to accessorize. The easiest pick is this silky fringe scarf. Wear it is to loosely or wrap it several times around your neck. For something warmer, try this fleece scarf.  It comes in a variety of bright colors and will be a great accent to your layered winter look!

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