Celeb Style: Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has maintained her star power and influence for almost two decades! She started as being known as Brad Pitt’s leading lady, and then established her own identity as an Oscar-winning actress. She also has one of the most successful and well-known celebrity-style blogs out there today; a.k.a. Goop. And to top it all off, she now has a new DVD collection set of her four best (and our favorite) romantic films! Whew, what more can she accomplish? So, in honor of her longstanding and much earned celebrity, here is our Gwyneth Paltrow inspired outfit!

Shown above:
Attention Crochet Inset Knit Dress
Bongo Elastic Belt
Gold Horn Pendant
Sofia Vergara Faceted Dangling Earrings
Le Regal Clutch

Sofia Glitter Heels


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